Future Time Software

Future Time is our Time Management Software.
The Software links up with your installed access control equipment and provides you with a range of useful data about your employee’s hours and clocking times.

Its functions include:
• Pulling of reports such as, Late Arrival, Early Departure, Clocking Reports.
• Links to most payroll systems
• Self adjustable pay rates IE 1.3 OR 1.5 OR 2.0
• Numerous filters such as Cost Centers, Companies, Departments, Grades and Occupations.
• Leave days can be booked in advance and leave types are limitless.
• Employees, Shifts, Work Patterns, Cycles and Schedules are limitless.
• Public holiday calendar built in.
• Easy setup of post departure overtime and pre-arrival each with its own pay rate.

Future Time lets you pull the following reports on your employees:
• Free Time Reports
• Clockings per Department
• Clocking Detail
• Clocking Export to Excel
• Flexi Time
• Balancing
• Target Hours
• Sunday Hours
• Split Roster
• Employee Roster
• First in Last Out
• Costing – Including Summary
• Coinage
• Excel Payslip Report
• Late Arrival / Early Departure
• Absenteeism