Gate Automation

Gate Automation – D.A.C.E Sprint 500

Even faster than before, running up to 25m/minute
Also now with an External Warning LED.
Don’t get caught off guard. This super bright RED LED is an absolute must.
It is visible from more than 100m and will flash under the following conditions,
Mains Fail; Low Battery; Service Due & Obstruction.
The early warning system will notify you before its too late.

Gate Automation - DACE Sprint 500

Gate Automation – DACE Sprint 500


LCD Interface
Ultra Fast Speed
External Warning LED
Dual On-board Receiver
Party Mode
Battery Back-up
Pillar Light Switching
Ant Proof Housing
Beams Auto-Close (BAC)
Gate Status LED input facility
Pedestrian Opening
Variable Ramp down Setting


R5999.00 Incl. VAT

Includes: Theft Deterrent Bracket 

(1x) Set of gate beams

*Offer valid while stocks lasts

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