Impro IXP220

The Impro IXP220 Controller is a fully featured Controller forming part of the IXP220 Software System. The IXP220 Controller’s applications include access control and alarm control.
Consisting of a single hardware platform, the Impro IXP220 Controller is available in a mild steel cabinet or, if preferred, in an open frame construction. The Controller is delivered as standard with all hardware components thus enabling full functionality.
Communication options include Ethernet, USB, RS485 or RS232 and memory capacity is ensured up to 10 000 Tags and 100 000 buffered Transactions.
Features include anti-tamper and a general relay for power control or alarm arming. The remaining relay and digital inputs allow each Reader support for a Door Open Sensor and Request to Enter or Exit.
Six available feature models address market needs from single door to multiple remote sites with up to 256 anti-passback doors. The IXP220 Controller is easily upgraded from a Stand-alone Controller to a System Controller through a soft unlock system.

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Impro IXP220

Impro IXP220Impro IXP220 features:
– 2 Reader Fixed Addresses, offering connection of up to 2 Antenna Readers OR 2 Wiegand Readers.
– Impro IXP220-1 stores up to 1 000 Tags and up to 10 000 buffered Transactions.
– Impro IXP220-2 stores up to 2 000 Tags and up to 10 000 buffered Transactions.
– Impro IXP220-3 and IXP220-4 store up to 10 000 Tags and up to 100 000 buffered Transactions.
– Communication options include Ethernet, USB, RS485 or RS232.
– On-board Battery charging circuit (up to 7 Ahr when using a 12 V Sealed Lead Acid Battery).
– In-field Firmware upgrades.

Impro IXP220 Software

Four Digital Inputs let you interface with a variety of devices such as reed switches and push-buttons. When used with the IXP220 Software these Digital Inputs can perform specific tasks such as:
– Door Open Sensing (DOS) with End of Line (EOL) Sensing.
– Request to Exit (RTE).