iMat Turnstiles – Full Height & Side Arm Turnstiles

Turnstiles offer a very effective means of access control and the full height offer a higher degree of security than their Side arm (Half Height) counterparts. They are designed to only allow one person to pass through at a time therefore making them perfect for many applications and environments. Future Tech are the certified distributors and installers of iMat turnstiles for the KZN region.


Installation services available with all our products.

Full Height/Side Arm Turnstiles

  • Can be used injunction with time and attendance modules.
  • Full height turnstile can be used on perimeter fence or wall.
  • High grade materials ensure longevity with outdoor use.


  • Available in a 3 arm and 4 arm option
  • Robust and user-friendly for external installations.
  • Hinged mechanism cover for ease of access to the  working parts.
  • Unique optic sensor array (patent pending) instead of micro switches.
  • Corrosion protected steel frame Red, blue, green, black, white, grey RAL colours for frame
  • Wide selection of alternative materials and finishes as optional
  • Hand-operated drive
  • Passage in both directions, electronically controllable
  • Safety configurations for power failure or emergency situations
  • Lock function prevents simultaneous entry by two passengers 90 or 120 rotor
  • Card reader, fingerprint reader & pushbutton control integrated