ZKTeco VF380

ZKTeco VF380 – Time & Attendance, Facial Device with Access Control.
• Full colour touch screen
• Infrared camera
• Professional facial ID algorithm
• TCP/IP communication
• Stores 800 facial templates
• Stores 10,000 RFID cards
• Reads Facial and/or Pin’s and/or RFID card


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ZKTeco VF380 – facial recognition time and attendance with Access Control, Full colour touch screen, Infrared camera and Professional facial ID algorithm.


ZKTeco VF380

Facial Templates: 800
Transactions: 100,000
RFID Cards: 10,000
Communication: TCP/IP, Wi-F1, USB Host
Camera: Infrared
Algorithm: Fave V7.0
Functions: Access Control Relays
Power Supply: 12V DC 3A
Dimensions: 107 x 160 x 36mm

Enhanced Features

• Audio – Visual indications for valid / invalid entries
• Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer
• Tamper switch
• Integrated 125kHz RFID proximity reader
• Access Control Relays


• ZK Time 5.0 Attendance Management (Basic Free)
• ZKTime.net (Advanced Licenced)
• ZK Access Control Management 3.5