Queue Management Systems

Our queue systems are a simple, accurate and affordable way to monitor and improve customer experience, to help your business become more efficient and customer driven.

Using the latest technology and smart programming we can now help you transform you business or service center into a harmonious and friendly environment that wont leave your clients with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Queue Kiosk

We understand the frustrations of queueing. They’re an inevitable part of life though.

Our Queue Systems makes the experience of waiting in line better for you and your customers.

Using the latest technology, our touch screens let customers choose where to go from multiple queues.

Customized branding makes the kiosk to look like you made it, with your logo and details.

Your kiosk will stand out and achieve its full potential.

Touch screen seems too daunting? We have simpler options for the technically challenged.

Queue Display

This nifty screen shows customers where they are in the queue.

It can also show loads of infotainment to give them something to look at while they hang about.

Show them how long they have to wait – let’s face it, knowing is better than guesstimating!

Call Next Customer

Our units are wireless, no need for pesky cables.

This pad is for the more straight-forward queue systems we offer.

Agents manage queues just call and then clear.


Real time reports keep you constantly informed.

View response times from anywhere in the world.

Make decisions on the fly based on service analytics.