Touch Free Access Control Readers

Important notice for good hygiene practices

  • South Africa has declared a State of Disaster regarding the Corona Virus Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. 
  • Spreading from hand to mouth or eyes, this means unnecessary touching of door handles, railings, fingerprint readers and turnstiles amongst others can pose a greater danger of facilitating the spread of the virus.
  • Access Control is a crucial part of securing your property or building and controlling the flow of traffic. Experts believe face masks are not nearly as important as good hand hygiene.
  • Below we would like to outline a few precautions you can take with your access control systems to do your part as a socially responsible company to protect your staff, visitors and residents.
  • Additionally, we will be sharing, a few products that you might find useful in dealing with the virus, within your business environment. 

Your current Access Control Systems: Precautions and Prevention

  • It is important for individuals to practice good hand hygiene by washing and sanitising their hands regularly.
  • However, some individuals might not engage in this practice, therefore the sterilization of your Access Control equipment at regular intervals will be a crucial element of the global efforts to curb the spread of the virus. 
  • A proper surgical disinfectant, to be used as regular as possible is the first step when continuing with a touch-based Access control system.
  • If you would like to order or enquire about a disinfectant that would be effective with Fingerprint Readers, Door Handles, Escalators, Lifts, Turnstiles and safe for all Electronic Devices, click the link below.

Please Note: Disinfectants are in short supply and delivery services are overburdened, make sure you place orders well in advance as demand is only predicted to increase in the immediate future.

What hands-free solutions are available?
Products range from cheap and basic access control solutions to very advanced systems. 

Cost Effective Solutions

no touch readers access control
no touch readers

No touch readers: This does not keep track of who comes in and out of the building but can help reduce spread through touch

proximity reader access control
proximity reader

Proximity readers: Using a tag-based system is a popular cost effective solution to use in conjunction with your biometric systems for short term reaction to the Corona Virus.

Premium Alternatives

A more advanced option that ties in with your Access Control software would be something such as a Palm reader, where there is no need to touch.

access control palm key
Access Control Palm Your Key
access control g3 pro reader
G3 Pro Access Control Reader
access control wave reader
Access Control Wave Reader

Future Tech has a remote support team available to assist with issues without needing to physically come to the premises. We can also assist with training and setting up on platforms such as Microsoft teams if your company wants to adopt a work from the home solution if the situation escalates.

If you simply would like to phone and ask for any advice regarding your Access Control then we are more than happy to help out.